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New songs for the world.

Shout it Out

Chubby Chaser

Paul Stanley


All song are written by Randells. Mixed by Mankan at PAMA Studios. Mastered By Perry Leenhouts at Point Break Studio.


Looking for some high-energy catchy pop punk tunes? Look no further, Randells' third album is in the making and they are now looking to partner up.

Packed with memorable hooks and driving guitar riffs, Randells' third album showcases the band's versatility and musicianship. Whether you're a die-hard pop punk fan or just looking for some fun, this album is a must-listen.


So why wait? Sign them up before it's too late!

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Who are these guys?


From the south of Sweden Randells burst onto the scene with their debut album "At The Beach" I 2015. After several releases, both digital and physical, the band released their second album "Kicks" in 2021.

With a unique blend of catchy melodies, high-energy guitars, and powerful vocals, Randells have made their place in the pop punk scene.

The four members, Obba, Danny, Raz and Mike are all influenced by the 90's punk rock scene and the sound of legendary bands such as Green Day, The Queers, Millencolin and Offspring.

Over the years Randells has gained a strong following, not only in Sweden but worldwide. 

426886675_765358055466214_2535974405605226619_n (1).jpg


+46 708658586

Halladalsvägen 33 
372 37 Ronneby,  Sweden.


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